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This article is going to explain all the issues related to the sat nav map updates. If you own a GPS device or want to buy a new device then read the full article and you’ll understand everything about the sat nav map update process.


Car Sat Nav:


TomTom manufactures the industry’s best GPS device, which provides the best value for your money. The TomTom car sat nav comes with many features which make driving efficient and safe.


?    Hands-Free Calling: The GPS devices come with a hands-free calling feature which makes driving safe.

?    Landmark Navigation: With the landmark navigation feature you can easily find your destination.

?    2D & 3D Modes: There is an option for choosing between 2D & 3D modes. With the 3D mode, you get a realistic view of the region.

?    Spoken street names: The spoken street names help in just concentrating on the road and driving.

?    Advanced Lane Guidance: This feature clearly shows the lane on which you are driving. It helps during driving on the difficult highway intersections so you never miss your lane.


TomTom Sat Nav Map updates:


TomTom Sat nav map updates are published by the company every 4-5 months to keep the user updated with all the changes in the addresses, roads, streets, etc.


The company recommends all its users to regularly check for updates by connecting the device with the computer.


Update Your Sat Nav:

If you are a user of TomTom Sat Nav, then you must have found out that when you have purchased the GPS device, it was taking you to the destination via the most precise route.


But, after 6-7 months it was losing its efficiency. This happens because of the construction work happening regularly.


When the GPS starts showing you wrong addresses on a regular basis, then it is time to update your sat nav.


Sat Nav GPS update:

Sat Nav GPS updates are available for every TomTom device.


These updates are of three types:


?    Free: When you buy a TomTom device, then you’re entitled to a fixed number of updates which are free. You will get around 4 free updates in a year.

?    Paid: Some updates are paid which can be purchased by paying some subscription fees.

?    Lifetime: The lifetime map updates come with the subscription at the time of buying the device. If you’ve got the lifetime map update then you don’t have to worry about the updates for the rest of the useful life of the device.


How to upgrade map on an old sat nav?


Upgrading is a process in which you want to add new maps to your device or you want to add a new subscription plan to your GPS device.


Every GPS device comes with a default map of the region. If you want to add new maps then you can do so, by purchasing new maps.


You can also add new subscriptions like live traffic, speed cameras, live weather etc. by paying a small subscription fee.


You can upgrade the map on the old satnav device by visiting the website and clicking on the relevant link.


TomTom One XL update:

TomTom publishes map and software updates for the One XL through TomTom home software. These free updates improve GPS device features and performance.

If you’re facing any trouble with the TomTom One Xl update, then visit the website.


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