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With the advancement in technology and everyone hooked up to their devices, TomTom MyDrive is a system that’s developed to connect all of your devices - smartphones, tablet, laptop, computer and also your car together.


It was developed to save time from route planning and always keeping you updated.


With the TomTom my drive, you can plan your routes an evening before, even before stepping in the vehicle itself.


The company knows that you might have stored the location on your smartphone, e.g. in the mail, with the help of MyDrive you can easily set your location and destination even before leaving the house.


TomTom MyDrive Download:


If you want TomTom MyDrive download is available for your smartphone. It is available on the PlayStore and AppStore for Android and iOS respectively.


How To Download TomTom MyDrive?


If you have an Android phone and you want to download the TomTom MyDrive, then follow these simple steps:


1.   Visit the play store and search for the TomTom MyDrive.

2.   Click on the TomTom MyDrive icon when the search is finished.

3.   Accept and end the user agreement to install the app.


For iOS:


1.   Visit the App store and then search for the TomTom MyDrive.

2.    Click on the TomTom MyDrive after the search is finished.

3.   End the user agreement to install the app.


TomTom MyDrive Connect:


TomTom MyDrive connect is the free support software which helps users to manage services and content on TomTom sat nav device.


Helps to Keep your device up-to-date:


The GPS overview page instantly shows you the list of available updates and also allows you to download those updates with a single click.


Easily Manage your Content:


You can easily manage your contents like maps, addresses, speed camera and updates with the help of MyDrive.


Other Support Material:


With TomTom MyDrive you can easily manage support materials and user manuals directly.


Download TomTom MyDrive:


TomTom MyDrive is available for download for both the PC and the Mac computer.


Before the download please check whether your computer is compatible with the MyDrive.


Download the TomTom MyDrive by clicking going to the website and clicking on the “For Windows” or “For Mac” button.


Installing MyDrive connect:

Once the download is finished then, click on the “Run”.


If by mistake you’ve closed the download window, then search for the file “InstallMyDriveConnect”. Double click on the file after you’ve found it.


Allow the security warning by clicking on the yes button.


After that, read and end user licence agreement.


Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the “I Agree” and then click on “next”.


When the installation of the MyDrive Connect is finished, a pop-up will then ask you to confirm your settings. You can select the option which you like.


Errors during updates using MyDrive connect:


Errors during the update process can happen because of various reasons. Many simple errors can be solved just by disconnecting the GPS device and reconnecting the device to the computer.


1.   Ensure that you’re using the latest version of the MyDrive Connect.

2.   Also, ensure that your sat nav is connected to the MyDrive connect.

3.   Try to redownload those updates and install.


Even after taking these steps, if you’re getting the error then try updating the device with a different computer.


If you’re having trouble with the TomTom MyDrive then, you can visit the website and can contact us.


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