TomTom GPS Update:


TomTom is the best GPS manufacturing company in the European Market. It manufactures different types of GPS device for every type of vehicle. The device is very intuitive so it can be used by anyone, right out of the box. But, for a GPS device to work it needs maps and software installed in it. TomTom GPS update is released by the company every 3-4 months to keep the user updated with all the changes going around.


TomTom Software Update:

TomTom Software update is also released by the company on a regular basis. The software updates bring the user many different features which enhances the safety and intuitiveness for using the GPS device. We recommend all our users to regularly connect the device with the computer and check for the software update.


Installing TomTom Home:

TomTom home is needed is to update the GPS device with new maps and software. TomTom Home is available for both the Windows and the Mac computer for downloading.


TomTom Home for Windows:


  1. Go to the website and click on the latest version of the TomTom home for downloading.
  2. Wait for some time for the download to finish and then run the file.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and select your preferred language to install.


TomTom Home for Mac:

  1. Visit the website for downloading the TomTom Home.
  2. Click on the Mac.pkg file and wait for the download to finish.
  3. Agree with the user agreement and install the package in your preferred language.




TomTom Support: provides support for every TomTom related issue. Whenever you are having trouble with the device then you can contact the TomTom support by visiting the site, by LiveChat or by email.


TomTom UK: provides the best customer support in the UK. Whenever you are facing any trouble with the device update or want to buy new maps then you can visit the TomTom UK part of our website. There you can find all the details and help for device update.



How To Update TomTom Maps:


Updating your TomTom GPS makes sure that you always reach your destination on time safe. Here, is a simple step-by-step way on how to update TomTom maps:

  1. Connect TomTom sat nav with the internet-enabled computer with the USB cable provided with the device.
  2. The sat nav will then automatically search for the available updates.
  3. Click on the “update” button for installing that update in your device.


Some of the points to keep in mind before trying to install the updates:


  • Always charge the device to at least 80% before trying to update the GPS. You don’t want the device battery running out during the update process.
  • Use only the USB cable that came with the box. The faulty cable can interfere with the device update process.
  • Use high-speed internet for updating. Slow internet will take a lot of time to update.


TomTom Map 2019:


After the GPS roll out of 6th April 2019, all the GPS devices were affected. Please check whether your device was also affected. TomTom map 2019 is available for download. 


If you’re having any query regarding the TomTom map 2019, then you can ask our experts by visiting the website.



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