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With so many options to choose from in terms of navigational devices, most users are confused about which GPS device to buy and use. Everyone wants the best bang for their bucks. Some devices offer great hardware, other devices provide awesome software. But, you should always buy the device that offers the best of both worlds.


TomTom, without doubt, is one such GPS device that offers perfect intuitive navigation experience at a very budget-friendly price. On top of that, Tomtom map upgrades and update make this device even better than all the devices available out there in the market. The updates help in keeping the user updated with all the changes going around the region.  


TomTom does not believe in providing the user with lots and lots of features that you’ll rarely use. The idea is to provide intuitive navigation for all its users. This does not mean that you’ll not have all the modern features of a GPS device. You’ll get all the necessary modern features which make driving safe.


TomTom map upgrades and Update


TomTom releases about 4 map updates in a year to keep the GPS user updated with the changes. When you buy a TomTom device then you will also get the default map and subscription. These maps can be updated for a fixed number or it can be updated for a lifetime. It depends upon the device and the map subscription that you’ve bought.


What is the lifetime of a GPS device means?


There is a lot of confusion around the definition of the “Lifetime” in the context of a GPS device. Let’s clarify it once and for all.

The TomTom “lifetime” means the effective life of the GPS device. It is the time period for which TomTom supports the GPS device with services, updates, accessories or content. The device will reach the end of its life when none of the above mentioned is available anymore.


So what does it mean for you?


If you have a very old sat-nav device, then you will not be receiving any of the TomTom map updates. You also won’t be able to renew any services or maps.


But, if you have bought a new subscription then that won’t be affected. It will continue to run until the time of expiry.


Here, one more thing we will like to clear about TomTom map upgrades and updates.


TomTom map update:


When you buy a new device, then it comes with some pre installed maps and services. It can be updated a fixed number of times which totally depend upon your plan at the time of buying. It can be also for a lifetime.


TomTom map upgrades:


If you want to add a new map and services then you can do it as well. You can buy a number of different maps and subscription.


One thing to note before buying a new map or services is to always check the available space on the device. If you’ll have less space available than needed, the update won’t work.


If your device supports external SD card, then you can use it to install the updates.


We recommend all our readers to keep the device updated, so as to get the full benefit of the GPS device.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the TomTom device then you can contact us by commenting in the box below.


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