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A dedicated device makes the whole navigation quite easy and day-to-day navigation even easier. Drivers don’t have to worry about different human or natural conditions which can affect the journey.

Some people use their smartphone to navigate in the car but, they forget that a smartphone is totally dependent upon the mobile tower signal. So, the navigation is not fully trustworthy. It can fail you when you need it the most, in the areas like hills and highways.


A dedicated stand-alone GPS device is far safe and better for longer travel and less travelled path. All TomTom devices provide exceptional navigational experience. It provides you with the most natural and intuitive experience thanks to its more human-like voice guidance.


Every TomTom GPS device has a great screen which makes the driving a more pleasurable experience. It will also guide you to the right lane, highways and interchanges. The TomTom will also show you the speed limit.


The new TomTom devices will sync with Bluetooth to show you the live and updated weather, traffic, display text messages. The user is also able to send directions and routes from the phone or computer to the GPS device directly. 


What is TomTom GPS Update?

To keep the user updated with all the changes going around the world with the construction of new roads, highways, buildings, bridges, etc. TomTom publishes updated maps 4 times in a year.


TomTom Update Cost:

The updates are of two types one is paid while the other one is free.

Free: When a user buys a TomTom device, they are eligible for some free updates. To get the free updates user has to just connect the GPS device with the internet enabled computer.

Paid: When any user wants to buy a new map or subscription then they can do by visiting the website or calling on the helpline number.


What can be updated?

Every TomTom GPS device has maps and software on it.

Maps provide the direction to the user and the software provide the user interface.

User needs to update the maps as well as the software to get the full benefit of the GPS device.

If you’ll not update the drivers/ software of the device then the GPS device will not work properly in the future.


How To Update TomTom GPS Maps on the device?


When you want to update the map of the device then there are some basic things to keep in mind:


?    Always check the model number of the device:

The model number of the device is located on the back side of the box. Please check the model of the device before downloading the updates.

?    Check for the available space on the device. If the space available is not sufficient on the device then you can also use an SD card to download new maps.


?    Check the battery percentage:

You don’t want the device battery to die during the update process. You also don’t want to brick the device when it powers off during the process. When you want to update the GPS device then first charge the device completely to 100%. 

If you’ve any question regarding the TomTom GPS update process, then you can reach us at


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