TomTom Truck GPS Update


TomTom truck GPS system is optimized for the needs of the trucking industry. The main difference between the standard car GPS and truck GPS is that a truck GPS contains information and tracks which are critical for driving heavy commercial vehicles. The information about road height, bridge height, time restrictions, and other commercial carrying restrictions can only be given by a TomTom truck dedicated GPS and not by a car GPS.


Truck Sat Nav


The truck sat nav or satellite navigation device thus helps truckers to not only plan their route but also travel without being going through the areas where the large commercial vehicles are not allowed, doesn’t fit or presents difficulty in travelling.


Online Truck GPS Update:


Most of the TomTom truck GPS comes with a lifetime map & traffic updates, which is included in the price. This makes sure that the truck drivers are not only aware of all the changes that are going around the region but also can reroute to a more efficient route if some sudden incident or adverse weather affects the travelling.


TomTom Truck Software:


TomTom truck software is intuitive and it can be used without much learning. The device takes the guesswork out of the route planning and prevents the truck driver from getting lost and deliver on time. The software can be downloaded to the SD card or on the device itself (if it has the space available on it).


Trucker 6000:

The Trucker 6000 is a versatile device which is not only limited to just a commercial truck GPS device but, it can be also used as a standard GPS with just a few taps. It is ideal for people who want to use it as a standard GPS device as well. It is also suitable for RV owners who tow a smaller vehicle. The device has features for storing information of 4 vehicles. You can quickly switch between vehicle type and optimal route according to your needs.


Easy Installation by the quick snap-mount system:


The Trucker 6000 comes with a simple quick snap-mount system, which helps in quickly installing the GPS device anywhere conveniently. The click-n-go setup is quite easy to use. The GPS system comes with 6” touchscreen with many variable brightness settings and automatic night dimming feature. It has a battery life of more than two hours which can be recharged with a MicroUSB connection. The trucker 6000 supports an external microSD card up to 128GB.


TomTom Trucker 620:


The TomTom Go 620 is a navigation GPS with top functionality and a nice well-designed user interface. It is packed with features, like map updates and traffic alerts for the useful life of the device. The feature and functionality make the device the best GPS systems in the market.


The TomTom Go 620 has preloaded maps of North America. It has also millions of points of interest like restaurants, gas stations, shopping malls, food-joints etc.

It has got the voice-activated navigation, so you can speak your commands directly into the device. It has also a 6” bright screen which makes the device use a pleasurable experience.


If you are a TomTom GPS device user and finding it difficult to update the device, then you can contact us by visiting the website.


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