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TomTom is a Dutch company which makes GPS navigation devices and software, digital maps and other sports related accessories. The company offers assists in navigation, information about traffic, and helps in understanding route with the latest maps. Every device has default maps pre-installed in it. These default maps become outdated after some months so, to tackle the situation the company publishes TomTom map upgrades and updates from time-to-time. The map update guarantees that you are always updated with the latest maps.


TomTom Map Update:


Sat nav devices from TomTom get regular map updates once a quarter, i.e., 4 times in a year. TomTom map update helps to keep you in the know about the route changes and new location information.

TomTom map update can be done by two different software which depends on which device you have: TomTom Home and MyDrive connect. Both these programs are available for free download for Windows computer and Mac. Some of the TomTom updates are free while others are paid. 


TomTom Map Upgrade:


The updates can be purchased by paying a small subscription fee. You can also buy new maps with the TomTom map upgrade feature. Every user can also buy new services like live traffic, weather updates, speed camera alerts and much more. “Latest Map Guarantee” feature helps in updating the services with the latest features.


TomTom Maps Download:


When you purchase a new TomTom device, the company allows you some time for downloading any updates from the date of device manufacturing. This helps you in the latest TomTom maps download. The TomTom maps download time period depends upon the model of the device. For some models, the time is 30 days from the time of purchase and for more premium models, the time is 90 days.


Latest Maps For Navigation Devices:


In the section below, we’ve written about the methods with which you can download the latest maps for navigation devices. Both methods are quite easy, just follow the mentioned steps carefully and you’ll be driving with the latest maps.


How To Update Old TomTom Device Models:


If you’re a user of the old Tomtom device, download and install the TomTom home software in your computer. After that, connect the GPS device with your computer with the USB cord which came at the time of device purchase. Sign in with your TomTom account if you’ve one or create one if you don’t have an account. Then click on the “Tools” button and go to the “Use Latest map guarantee”. If a new map is available and you’re within the guarantee time period, you’ll see map update. Click on the “Continue” button and start downloading the new map. Click the “Done” button after the process is finished. At last, click “disconnect” button before removing the device connection. 


Update TomTom Pro models:


Updating the pro models is also a similar method, you have to download MyDrive connect instead of the Home. Plug in your device to the computer and open the MyDrive connect. The application will open in the default web browser. Click on the “Overview” and “view updates” buttons. See the list of all the available updates and then click on the “update” button. When the update is finished installing, the GPS device will restart. Now, you can disconnect the device from the computer safely.


If you’re having query or trouble with the TomTom GPS device, then you can contact us by visiting the website.


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